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This is what is being proposed

$1,200,000,000 HB 2020 Carbon Tax Making it's way toward a vote on the House floor
$2,000,000,000 HB 3427 Gross Receipts Tax for Schools Passed the both Chambers and Signed by the Governor on May 16, 2019.
You can sign the petition to repeal this tax here.
$1,811,300,000 HB 2010 Hospital Assessment Tax Passed both Chambers and Signed by the Governor on March 13, 2019
$175,000,000 HB 2270 Tobacco Tax Increase Stuck in House Committee on Revenue
$5,186,300,000 Total Thanks for all the money

So, no normal person really knows how much $5.1 Billion dollars is, right?

Well, you can look at it this way: This is about $1,300 per person per biennium, but that includes homeless dudes, welfare recipients, third graders and a host of others who don't pay taxes, so at the end of the day, if you pay taxes, you're gonna pay a whole lot more than that.

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