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Your Civil Right to Bear Arms

The gun grabbers in the legislature were able to increase their numbers so that they think they can just pretty much do away with the Second Amendment. So they've had a couple of marquee bills and larded them up with every gun grabber fantasy that any freedom-denying supermajority would want, but it seems that they just can't get them out of committee. Maybe that's because a couple of them don't live in downtown Portland and might like to get re-elected...[Read more]

Massive Tax Increases

The Oregon Constitution requires a super majority to pass a new tax increase. So, now the big government types have what they have been waiting for -- a tax raising supermajority. They claim that they are just taxing big, evil corportations, but many of them are not so big and not so evil. And people like you and I buy stuff from these producers every day and are going to end up paying the taxes...[Read more]

Rent Control

We keep getting a lecture about how the "science is settled" from the Party of Science, but they seem to easily forget that economics is a science, too. Virtually no economist thinks that rent control is a good idea. Nonetheless, the party in power thinks that they can set prices better than the market can. In the long run, the result will be lower availablity of rental properties, lower quality of rental properties and higher rents in general...[Read more]

Forced Vaccinations

At first blush, it might seem like a good idea to have kids vaccinated, and maybe for some kids it is, but when there are so many vaccination requirements -- many for diseases that are minor ailments, or only spread by sexual contact or needle sharing -- the case for vaccines becomes thinner. Many vaccines have a potential for greater negative impact on the kids and their developing immune systems than the illness they are immunizing for. At the end of the day, the only immunity that's really guaranteed here is the legal immunity that the vaccine manufacturers have. What ever happened to the idea of choice?...[Read more]

Styrofoam Container Ban

This kind of virtue signaling that substitutes for actual policy-making has real consequences to the economy, the environment and people's lives -- and not always in a positive way. On the way to passing the bill banning polystyrene containers, the Party of Science forgot to check if it was recyclable (it is, which means that it can be used several times over), so now restaurants will be using waxy cardboard or some other kind of take-out cartons, which are guaranteed to be single use...[Read more]

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